Junk Mail Series #1

With works by Alejandra Alarcón and Naya Magaliou

Edited by Paola Jalili

Edition of 250, numbered

Riso-printed by Hands on Press 

Helsinki, 2024

Published by Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos!

Photos by Janne Puustinen, Naya Magaliou, and Katie Lenanton

The Junk Mail Series are print-based, limited-edition publications distributed by post. The Series pairs up one writer and one visual artist, who explore a different theme each issue. 

For Issue #1, Paola Jalili commissioned Alejandra Alarcón and Naya Magaliou to explore identity through memories of cakes, and the result is a postcard-publication that showcases an image by Alejandra and a text by Naya. 

The publication was presented at Maa-Tila gallery in Helsinki, hosted in Michaela Casková’s exhibition The Company We Keep, the Cup we Share. During the event, guests gathered around a table to share a cake made by Alejandra, inspired by the aesthetics of mainoksia (junk mail), and were served a slice of cake with a free publication on the side.

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