By Paola Jalili, Else Lagerspetz, & Saara Mahbouba

210 x 297 mm 

Helsinki, 2018

HomeWork is the first issue of the (fictional) corporate magazine of Katie Freewoman INC. The title creates a paradoxical juxtaposition that conveys the nature of contemporary precarious labor: something that happens both in the workplace/working-time and in the home space/personal-time. But the word homework also refers to the work that a home forces us—and by us we mean those who historically have performed it the most: women—to execute. This kind of labor is related to maintenance and care (for others and for ourselves), a type of labor that is, in fact, the “foundation of the whole socioeconomic system”, but which is usually “made invisible and undervalued” (Precarias a la deriva, 2004). Our hope is that the following pages illustrate the blurry lines not only between home spaces and work spaces but also bring to light the dangerous erasure of the boundaries between stable and precarious labor practices in the present day.

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