Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos! 

With works by Sara Blosseville, Amy Gelera, Paola Jalili, Heini Korhonen, Else Lagerspetz, Katie Lenanton, and Hikari Nishida

Edited by Paola Jalili

Copyediting by Katie Lenanton 

EiM,K! logo and visual identity by Else Lagerspetz 

Edition of 200, each packed with a different
reused plastic bag 

Helsinki, 2023

Published by Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos!

Photos by Toivo Heinimäki

Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos! is a publishing initiative by Paola Jalili to reflect, rethink, and experiment with publishing.

The Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos! publication is designed as a mailer bag to be distributed by post, and contains booklets, posters, zines, postcards, and other visual and text based printed matter created by the commissioned artists to visibilise the different kinds of labour behind the act of publishing. 

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